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Budget Management Transparency of 2012

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    Budget Management Transparency of 2012

    • Regional Regulation of West Java Government Number 23 of 2011 concerning Regional Government Budget of 2012

      Regional Regulation Number 23 of 2011 can be downloaded below:





    • Opinion for Financial Report of Regional Government

      BANDUNG – Audit Agency of The Republic of Indonesia gave the Audit Findings Report of West Java Government Financial Report in the plenary session of Regional House of Representatives of West Java on Monday, 27 May 2013. It was attended by all the chairmen, members of The House of Representatives, West Java Governor, and Stakeholders.

      Slamet Kurniawan, The Head of West Java Audit Agency, said that they have given their Unqualified Opinion of West Java 2012 financial report.

      Unqualified Opinion received by the West Java Government does not mean that the report is really clear from any problems. The Unqualified Opinion given describes the report based on the samples taken during the inspection which were clear from any material misstatements. Therefore, the Regional Goods Information Technology Cycle Application (ATISISBADA) to administrate regional assets should be appreciated.

      According to Slamet Kurniawan, ATISISBADA has been proven giving austerity, accuracy, and correctness on presentation of regional assett administration system.

      The ATISISBADA application is the answer for electronic access data development or e-audit agreement signed by The Audit Agency and Government of West Java, as well as regency/ city governments in West Java on 12 May last year.

      The Synergy of E-audit and Audit Agency is one of the methods that is being developed by Audit Agency to optimize government/regional financial inspection. On the data, The Audit Agency will cooperate during the electronic data centre establishment and development with the auditee so that they will be able to record, process, utilize, and monitor the data from various parties in order to check the management and responsibility of the state’s finances. On 27 May 2013, as a Representative of The Supreme Audit Agency, Audit Agency of West Java and 12 entities signed the Technical Instruction and hired Consolidator Agents for 26 entities of total 27 entities in West Java.

      Slamet also appreciates West Java Government’s success to resolve problems. However, there are several problems found related to internal control system and disobedience to regulations to be reported, for instance, first, worker’s expenditure was allocated for goods/service expenditures was 18. 37 billion rupiahs, but goods/service expenditures was allocated on worker’s expenditures was 54. 22 billion rupiahs.

      Second, Asset Grant to Education Office and Health Office of West Java Province for municipalities/ regencies amounted to 114.03 billion rupiahs was still not equipped by Local Assets Grant Agreements and Handover Reports. Third, School Operating Grants from central government to schools which refused the grants amounted to 1.43 trillion rupiahs and other school grants of from regional government budget of 2012 amounted to 164.62 trillion rupiahs are still not given back to Provincial Government Regional Treasury (nur)