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    1% of Indonesian, Accounts 55% of the Country’s Wealth


    West Bandung – The economic inequality of today’s society resulted in a very noticeable difference between the rich and the poor. This condition was no doubt results in a lot of the country’s wealth, whether it is natural resources or other economic potentials, are controlled by only a few people. 

    The Governor of West java, Ahmad Heryawan stated that today, there are only a few rich people in Indonesia, yet each of those rich people controlled many of the country’s wealth and assets. This fact is supported by the data provided by the World Bank which shows the existence of this inequality. 

    “A big amount of assets yet owned by only a few people, that is dangerous! But, if these big amount of assets are owned by many people, it will lead to a healthy competition and a better mutual respect,” said Aher as a speaker during the 5th Muslims Union Confederation (SABURMUSI) Congress discussion session in the Work Development and Expansion’s (BBPPK) great hall Indonesia Labor Ministry (Kemenaker RI), Jl. Raya Lembang No. 222, West Bandung on Saturday (04/30/2016).

    “In 2014, World Bank issued an official release which shows that in Indonesia, 1 percent of the population controlled 55.5 percent of the country’s wealth, " said Aher.

    According to Aher, the situation is not normal and a new spirit is needed in the near future in order to change the situation which can reduce the inequality gap. 

    "We must not interpret the people’s economy as SME’s, but people’s economy is the economy that is allowed to be an SME. It can be large, but the result is a professionally managed and dedicated to the welfare of the people. That's the true meaning of people’s economy," said Aher. 

    Aher also exemplifies the Government of West Java’s official cooperative or Praja Cooperative. Within a month, this cooperative that is owned by the civil servants in the provincial government could reap up to 22 billion Rupiahs that can be used as capital for a joint venture with the owner of the capital which is the civil servants.

    "Cooperatives is not a firm but cooperative can have and make dozens of companies. Cooperative owners could be thousands of people or even millions of people. In the cooperative there are populist funds which when it is collected it could become such an enormous economic strength," said Aher. 

    Sarbumusi is a union or labor organization which lies under the auspices of the Nahdlatul Ulama and is an autonomous NU’s organisation. The congress was held on 30th April to May 1, 2016 and coincide with the International Labor Day. This year, the theme of the congress is "Strengthening the Role of Sarbumusi in This Global Era".

    This congress was also attended by the branch managers of Sarbumusi in many regions in Indonesia. This congress is expected to produce several recommendations with regard to employment, and also held a discussion on the conditions of employment that occurred in Indonesia at this time.

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