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    The Administrative Affairs of SMA / SMK Management Takeover will be Done in October


    BANDUNG – Starting January 1, 2017, the management takeover of SMA / SMK by the Provincial Government from district and regional government will formally conducted throughout the province of West Java. However, The Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) revealed that all matters related to the administration will be completed by October 2016.

    This was revealed by Aher after delivering scientific oration at the Graduation of STIE Equity in Gor BJB Jl. Naripan Bandung on Saturday (04/30/2016).

    "The transition is in late October. By October, it will be finished already. Administration of human resources, assets, including the document is completed. But, we want it to be as soon as possible, by that, I mean in the beginning of October 2016," said Aher.

    "As for the official takeover, finance, payroll, and others they are all will be completed by January 1, 2017," added Aher.

    For that, all the matter related to school / vocational school throughout West Java will be officially recorded in the management of the provincial government in October. According to Aher, the takeover by the Government becomes ideal, because there is a division of authority in education, namely primary education (kindergarten, elementary and junior high school) which will be managed by the regency / city government, secondary education (SMA / SMK) by the provincial government, and higher education by the central government.

    Aher also have a desire that all schools, especially high schools / vocational will able to reach the entire community or school-age students in West Java. To that end, the provincial government will build hundreds of new schools for the school / vocational school as well as thousands of new classrooms to support it.

    "Everybody will able to access education as much as possible, whether to public or private schools as later, Provincial Government’s BOS (School’s Operational Funding) will also apply to the private school as well," said Aher.

    With this takeover by the Government of West Java the number of civil servants will increase, which is about 28 thousand new civil servants, who are teachers of high school.

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