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    Alhamdulillah, 2016 Hajj Cost is Reduced


    BANDUNG - PKS faction in the Parliament appreciates the decline of Hajj Cost (BPIH) 2016 after the meeting of the Commission VIII of House of Representatives along with the government, on Saturday afternoon (30/4)

    Vice Chairman of Commission VIII of the House of Representatives of the PKS faction, Ledia Hanifa, in a press release received jabarprov.go.id, Sunday (1/5), hoped that with the determination BPIH 2016, the government can improve the quality for Indonesian pilgrims,

    "Hopefully, with the establishment of today's BPIH 2016, the government will be more serious in improving the quality of service to pilgrims," she said.

    It is said that the amount of Hajj cost decline, compared to last year, amounted to USD 132 (Rp. 1.768.800) which is down to Rp 34,641,340, or $ 2,585, assuming the exchange rate of USD 1 is equal to Rp. 13,400.

    "BPIH 2016 which is paid directly by the pilgrims (direct cost) is for the transportation fee or airline tickets, 24 percent of the cost of accommodation in mecca and a living allowance. As for indirect costs (government) is used for air tickets, lodging in Mecca and Medina, ground transportation, meals in Medina, Mecca, and Armina, "said Ledia.

    In addition, at this year's pilgrimage, to the rituals of Hajj manasik is using the asymmetric policy, iwhich means the manasik wil be conducted twice. Once at the district level and once at city level, six times in KUA, particularly for the province of West Java, East Java, Central Java and Jakarta, and eight times in other province’s KUA.

    "The asymmetric policy for the manasik ritual in the four provinces is applied becausemost of the pilgrims belongs to the KBIH with more intensive manasik," added the PKS Legislator of the first electoral district of West Java.

    Meanwhile, to eat, each pilgrim gets a ratio of 18 meals (2 times per day) for 9 days in Medina and 24 times (2 times per day) for 12 days in Mecca. As for the pilgrims who resides at a distance more than or equivalent of 1500 meters in Mecca, will be provided with buses with bus standardization over the year 2010.

    "All of the city transport will be improved in both quality and services. There will be no more bus who is older than 2010 left to be found, "said Ledia.

    The member of the Commission VIII of House of Representatives Iqbal Romzi also grateful for the determination of the 2016 Hajj cost reduction. Iqbal explained, the determination is done by sweeping one by one government budgeted programs.

    "Alhamdulillah, BPIH 2016 is finally to be reduced after a marathon of meeting between the BPIH of Commission VIII Committee of House of Representatives and the Government by sweeping Government budgeted program," said Iqbal. (ENAL)

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