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    Aher Encourages the Industrial Independence


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan or Aher Kang asserted that goods industry in West Java should be encouraged to create industrial independence. According to Aher it is time to industrialists in West Java to think on processing raw materials into finished goods to multiply benefits.

    "Other countries already selling the finished goods, while we are still sell the raw materials and we'll missed. We're just going to be a producer of raw materials while others multiply the benefits," said Aher.

    According to Aher there are two advantages when West Java process the finished good materials, including the opening of  massive employment.

    "Two advantages we get if we successful processing the finished goods that work opportunities are more massive and there is a value added. For example, if we only sell iron ore, the price is lower than if we are able to sell finished goods from iron sand like gadgets, chip, laptop, computer, etc," he said.

    Therefore, the provincial government will continue to encourage the industrialists in West Java to switch the production of finished goods instead of raw materials

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