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    MayDay is a Right Moment to Upgrade the Skills of Local Workers


    BANDUNG – The Chairman of PKS faction Jazuli Juwaini asked the government to pay more attention to upgrade the skills of local workers. Because, Indonesia has entered the era of the free trade with the existence of MEA. 

    "Today we have entered the era of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). The state should encourage employers to increase labor competitiveness. Lest we fall behind in the competition of human resources with other nations. Thus, training programs (upgrading) need to be done simultaneously, " said Jazuli in a press release received by jabarprov.go.id, Sunday (1/5).

    In order to upgrade their skills, according to Jazuli, the presence of the state is needed in order to ensure a conducive industrial relation is made for the welfare of the workers.

    "The state must be present in order to realize a conducive industrial relation for the welfare of the workers. Employers must consider worker as an asset, not a liability / factors of production, because the welfare of workers is a serious concern, " added the Member of the Commission I.

    Given sufficient welfare, it will encourage high labor productivity. Because, workers will feel valued and work vigorously and happily.
    "However, we have to remember that our labor salary is still low. Of course, the effort to improve workers’ salary is something that needs to be done optimally, " said The Legislator of MCC since 2004.

    Therefore, a mutual relationship is needed, not conflictual, between workers and the company. Government, said Jazuli, must be sensitive in issuing policies, especially those that have a direct impact on workers.

    "Do not remove a policy that complicates the economic conditions of the people and the workers. In regards to this matter, the member of PKS faction always criticize and reject the policy of raising the fuel rates that choke small people's economy," he said.

    Thus, through Labor Day which is celebrated every May 1st, the respect for labor service in supporting the country's economy can be maintained.

    "Labor Day is the right moment for us all to pay our respect and appreciation to labor service for the people of Indonesia. Workers are working with knowledge, power, and skill to generate economic productivity that sustain development, " said Jazuli.

    "Congratulation! I Pray and hope that workers' welfare will be increased" (ENAL)

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