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    West Java Education Department Strengthen to 14 Head of SLB


    BANDUNG-Education Department (Disdik) of West Java Province induct 14 Principal of the school for the disabled (KSLB) in the Dikmenti Hall, Disdik Building, Bandung, this week. KSLB newly appointed derived from special schools in several districts/cities in West Java and consists of public or private schools.

    Head of Education Department of West Java, Asep Hilman, in a statement to reporters said that with the inauguration of 14 KSLB, SLB in West Java would be much better than today. The new KSLB able to carry out the mandate wholeheartedly.

    "Hopefully, today should be better than yesterday. They especially need to give priority to customer satisfaction, which means that parents and students must take precedence,” he said.

    In addition, he also cautioned that the KSLB not dazzled by the media spotlight that became a stage appearance at this time.

    "Do not be arrogant and pessimistic in carrying out the mandate. Keep to be able to deliver the best performace,” said Asep Hilman.

    As the newly KSLB appointed, ie"
    1. Endang ramdon (State KSLB Tamansari/Tasikmalaya).
    2. Lia Anjasmara (KSLB-ABC Bahagia/Tasikmalaya).
    3. Amid Juwardi (State KSLB PK-PLK/Cimahi).
    4. Ateng Taryadiana (KSLB-C Purnama Asih/Bandung Barat).
    5. Agus Kuswana (KSLB-ABC Budi Mulia Cililin/Bandung Barat).
    6. Jahari Saepudin (KSLBN Luragung/District. Kuningan).
    7. Narwan (KSLBN Taruna Mandiri/District. Kuningan).
    8. Tisna Ruhiyat (KSLBN Pangeran Cakra Buana/Cirebon).
    9. Roswati Asih Dewi (KSLBN Cirebon/Cirebon).
    10. Saefulah AEP (KSLBN Kapten Halim/District. Purwakarta).
    11. Eti Suhaeti (KSLBN Majalengka/District. Majalengka).
    12. Aang (KSLB Mandiri Panumbangan/District. Ciamis).
    13. Euis Sugihartati (KSLB Nusantara Kita/Garut).
    14. Budiwati (KSLB Firdaus/District. Ciamis).
    15. Dandan Muad (KSLB-C Pancaran Kasih/Cirebon).
    16. Suherni (KSLB-D YPAC/Bandung).

    The KSLB newly appointed will serve for the next four years. If the new place incised achievements of his term would be extended.

    However, Asep said, if the two time periods continues to perform it will be transferred to the SLB which accreditation is lower than before. He hopes that KSLB would be able to raise the school's performance.

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