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    Bekraf Need to Educate Public


    BANDUNG-Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission X, Fikri Faqih in a release received jabarprov.go.id, Friday (29/4) revealed, Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) need to educate the public to encourage in creating the new creative industries. Therefore, the demographic bonus that occurred in 2020, needs to be balanced with the readiness of the people in order that the industry is able to grow.

    "People need to be educated, especially the parents and students to know that now a lot of variety of new professions could be an alternative to earn livelihood,” he said.

    Supposedly creative industries developed at this time is not limited to the culinary sector and fashion. The industry is very wide and is not limited to the culinary and fashion, but also crafts, games, music, software, advertising and industries based social media also need to be developed.

    In addition, Fikri said that there are so many broadcast television impressions were imported from India and Turkey. In response to this phenomenon, Bekraf asked to focus on the creative industry based on exports in order to contribute significantly to the economy and culture of Indonesia.

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