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    Dr. Sunatra Launches Political Education Books


    BANDUNG-On the sidelines of his work as a member of the West Java Provincial Parliament, Dr. Sunatra, SH, MS successfully completed a book entitled "Citizenship Political Education” thick as 442 pages.

    “Insya Allah, this book will be dissected by Professor H. Asep Yusuf Warlan on May 2, 2016, at the National Education Day in Indonesia Menggugat Building," said Dr. Sunatra in his office, Gerindra Party of West Java Provincial Parliament, Diponegoro street, Bandung, Thursday (28/4) to jabarprov.go.id.

    West Java DPRD members of the Electoral District of West Java which includes the city of Bandung and Cimahi said, writing the script of the book stems from lectures material FKIP political education at the University of Pasundan and lecture material at the Graduate University of Indonesia since 2008.

    "Given the political education is very important not only for the schooling or formal education institutions, as well as for the wider community, for political parties and for the government itself, especially for local governments, both provincial and district/city,” said Secretary of the Gerindra the Provincial Parliament the West Java.

    Member of Commission III of the DPRD of West Java Province has said he as a practitioner in a political party strongly felt the need for political education for the masses, not just in practical politics, for example, ahead of legislative elections, the presidential and vice president election and regional head and deputy regional head (election of governor, vice governor, regent, vice regent and mayor, vice mayor), known as the elections, but more than that, is to have values, norms and political ethics to foster and develop systems politics and government regulations.

    "It is expected that the citizens will literate on politics," he said

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