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    Village Fund Prioritised For Rural Infrastructure


    BANDUNG-The central government has realised the first phase distribution of the village funds to village government. The village fund has been distributed by the Ministry of Finance. Once distributed, the Ministry of Rural, Rural Development and Transmigration (Kemendesa PDTT) escort duty priority use of village funds in order to comply with regulation has been determined.

    Based on Regulation of the Minister of Rural, Rural Development and Transmigration No. 21 of 2015 on priority setting use of the village funds mentioned that the village fund in 2016 was used to finance the implementation of the programs and activities of Rural Development and Rural Community Empowerment, according to the press release Tim PIKP Administrator, received by the editorial jabarprov.go.id, Thursday (28/4).

    "In accordance to Permendes 21, 2015, the first priority is the use of village funds to build the infrastructure including roads, irrigation, simple bridges, and embankments. The health sector and education also need to be prioritised, including integrated health and early childhood education," said Minister Marwan Jafar.

    Minister Marwan added, if infrastructure and facilities from the village was good, then the village fund can be used to empower rural communities, such as the development of enterprises, the formation of Community Empowerment Cadre (KPMD), and capacity building to the Community Learning Centre. In reality, the public is entitled to determine independently the use of village funds according to village meetings (Musdes) as set out in Law No. 6 of 2014 concerning the village.

    Meanwhile, the Director General of Development and Community Empowerment (PPMD) of Kemendesa PDTT Ahmad Erani Yustika said the government has been channeling funds to the village treasury account (RKUD) since the end of March. Until Wednesday (20/4), village funds that have been disbursed by 41 percent or Rp 11.5 trillion. The fund is distributed to 179 districts out of a total of 434 districts throughout Indonesia.

    "There is still an obstacle for some areas that do not get the funds village, including not collect decree, Regional Budget (APBD), and the Medium-Term Development Plan. Socialisation, strengthening, deepening, and knowledge to maximise the use of village funds also continue to be conducted by the government,” said Erani.

    Overall, the Village Fund which has been established in the state budget in 2016 was Rp 46.9 trillion. Village funds will be disbursed in two stages period, namely in March and August. The distribution of the two phases is conducted in accordance with the publication of the Finance Minister Regulation (PMK) Number 49/PMK.07/2016 on Procedures Allocation, Distribution, Use, Monitoring, and Evaluation of the Village Fund. The legal framework is derived from the Government Regulation (PP) No. 8 of 2016 on the Second Amendment to Regulation No. 60 Year 2014 on the Village Fund from the State Budget (APBN)

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