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    Aher: Do not Sell Raw Material in Facing The MEA


    BANDUNG-Asean Economic Community (MEA) has been in force since December 31, 2015, which is means that MEA is effective in 2016. By enforcing the MEA, West Java in particular should be able to face all the challenges that exist in order to compete with countries in Southeast Asia.

    "MEA is a definite choice, there is no bargaining we can not retreat," said West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan at the opening of Seminar on 'Economic Growth Accelerated in West Java in Facing ASEAN Economic Community (MEA)’ at the Horison Hotel Bandung, Thursday (28/04/16).

    Seminar initiated by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of West Java province is also intended to improve cooperation between BPS, government, practitioners, Actors of the Economics Association, and academics to contribute optimally in assessing repairs and improvements of the quality of economic data in West Java, in order to facing the MEA. At the same time to strengthen the implementation of the Economic Census (SE) in 2016.

    According to Aher, there are four things that will be the main focus of the MEA. First, countries in Southeast Asia will be a unity of market area and production base that will make the flow of goods, services, investment, capital in large numbers, and skilled labor.

    Second, the MEA will form an economic region with a high level of competition. Third, the MEA will be the area that has equitable economic development. Fourth, the MEA will be fully integrated to the global economy.

    So to address this challenge, Aher explained it takes effort breakthrough in the form of a solution that is both accelerated and breakthroughs in various fields of development. One of them is to build a self-sustaining industrial.

    It means that resources owned need to be processed from upstream to downstream in the country, or in other words, a product from start to raw materials to finished goods ready to be marketed. It needs to be processed at once in the country to increase the selling value.

    "To accelerate the economy in the era of the MEA, the key is we build independence by conducting an economic action from upstream to downstream. This means that we have to process products ranging from basic materials to the finished goods. Otherwise it can not compete with the foreign countries,” he said.

    “The added value that occurs when we managed to process raw materials (upstream) into finished products (downstream),” he concluded

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