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    Census Economy Expected to Correcting the Economic Data


    BANDUNG-Related to Economic Census (SE) 2016 which will be held on May 1 to 31, 2016, Aher hopes it may be the correction that improves enhance economic data which is less valid in previous census.

    SE 2016 is a data collecting entire business sector as a whole to provide a complete figure of the level and structure of the non-agricultural economy following basic information and characteristics.

    In addition, it will known the competitiveness of businesses in Indonesia in general and West Java in particular, as well as the provision of business information needs. It can be exploited by economic agents to strengthen the competitiveness and business development strategies, as well as academics.

    Furthermore, it will be gained from implementation of the Economic Census 2016, among others: Mapping the potential economy by region, type, and businesses, benchmarking of GDP / GRDP, employment, availability of sampling frame for various activities economic surveys (Survey of Prices, Survey of Production, Distribution Survey, Surveying Services, adhoc and others).

    Then, the establishment of a database and benchmark updating the Integrated Business Register (IBR). According to the business characteristics of the business scale, unique business characteristics such as franchising, e-commerce, online business, Multi Level Marketing (MLM), mapping the competitiveness of businesses by region and reviews the business outlook and investment planning in Indonesia.

    It was also presented by BPS Head of West Java Province Bahdi Ruswana, head of the OJK Regional II West Java Sarwono, Deputy Chief of West Java Representative of Bank Indonesia Soeko Wardojo, Professor of Padjadjaran University Popy Rupaidah, the Rectors PTN/PTS, Leaders enterprises/state, BPS Chief District/city of West Java as the head of OPD in the West Java Provincial Government

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