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    TLHP Completed 100%, West Java Achieves Awards from Minister of Home Affairs


    JAKARTA - Minister of home affairs handed award to West Java Provincial Government as one of the local governments that have committed to complete the Follow-Up Results Monitoring (TLHP) Ministry of Home Affairs RI completely 100%. The award is given by the Secretary General of the Ministry Yuswandi A Temenggung to the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar at Sasana Bhakti Praja Building, Central Jakarta, Monday (26/10).

    The meeting was held as a follow-up on article 8 and article 373 of Law No. 23 of 2014 on Regional Government, which mandates the Minister of Home Affairs as the coordinator of Development and Control of Local Government nationally to organize the meeting.

    This meeting was attended by the Inspector General of the Ministry of Home Affairs Tarmizi A Karim, Advisor to the Minister of Home Affairs, Vice Governors throughout Indonesia, the Echelon II in the Ministry of Home Affairs, representatives of the National Police, representatives of the General Attorney, the Inspector province in Indonesia, the Inspector Regency/City in Indonesia, as well as invited guests.

    Tjahjo Kumolo instructed all Regional Government to strengthen the 8 areas of governance, which are: 1) planning and budgeting; 2) Procurement of goods and services; 3) Financial aid and grants; 4) The distribution of village funds; 5) Local Government Readiness in the elections; 6) handling of social conflicts; 7) Optimization of budget absorption; and 8) Simplification of the licensing area.

    Tjahjo also asked specifically to the ranks of the Inspectorate at central and regional to support the program of quick win Reforms of the Ministry internal affairs, which is the Reform Monitoring of Regional Government by making changes in five areas : 1) Capability, Professionalism and Integrity Officers Supervisors; 2) Regulations; 3) Independence; 4) Budgeting; and 5) Supervision orientation.

    This is the result of a national surveillance inspectorate in 2014, which was focus on the supervision of the Inspectorate in 2015-2016.

    Meanwhile, the Inspector General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Tarmizi A Karim in his report said that the outcome of the meeting updating data of TLHP is collected and all proceeds supervision on regional administration nationwide conducted by Government Internal Supervisory Apparatus (APIP).

    While the impact to be achieved from the implementation of this TLHP, is awakening the commitment of the organisers of the regional government in following up the supervision of the regional administration as an effort to improve governance weaknesses. This is in line with the spirit of Nawa Cita, which create government that clean, effective, democratic, reliable.

    There are six other provinces that receive the same appreciation from the Ministry of Home Affairs, which is Bali provincial government, Jakarta Provincial Government, South Kalimantan Provincial Government, Banten provincial government, East Java provincial government, and Maluku Provincial Government.

    Besides of TLHP discussion, this meeting also discuss about the topic: "The pattern of Relationships and Synergy Law Enforcement and Government Internal Supervisory Apparatus", with speakers from the Deputy Attorney General for Special Crimes and the Head of the Criminal Investigation Police Headquarters.

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