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    Fishermen Protection Act Should Have Derivatives Rules Soon


    BANDUNG-Chairman of the Commission IV PKS faction of the Parliament Akmal Pasluddin urged the act of protection and empowerment for fishermen, farmers fish and farmers salts have rules derivatives, both in the central government in the form of regulation or in local government in the form of regional regulation.

    "As one of the faction that initiated the birth of this law, the PKS urges central and local government immediately prepare PP and regulation so that implementation on the ground can be better organised," Akmal said in a press release received jabarprov.go.id, Tuesday (26/4).

    Previously, the Commission IV of the House of Representatives together with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries has endorsed the Fishermen Protection Law in the 21st Plenary Meeting 2015-2016. The House of representative urged the local government, one of which the city government to immediately draw up regulations, as part of the protection of fishermen on Jakarta Bay Reclamation policy.

    "Despite the moratorium, but the city government should provide legal certainty through the lawmaking of Fishermen Protection. Do not let the supply of animal protein from fish in the country, interrupted just because the fishermen are not protected by the policy,” said Akmal.

    Therefore, Akmal hopes that the moratorium and regulations initiated by the city government, it can be a momentum to improve governance of marine and coastal living in Indonesia.

    "Moratorium of Jakarta Bay Reclamation should be momentum to improve the governance of marine and coastal in Indonesia. Governance is obligatory at-large for the prosperity of the people, especially the fishermen who became a supplier of protein needs in the country,” he said.

    It is said, on 18 April 2016 ago, Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Rizal Ramli has agreed the Jakarta Bay reclamation to the moratorium. But the direction of this moratorium is temporary, while pending the results of a study by a joint team from across ministries and agencies to gain the force of law so that reclamation can be continued.

    "We all have to take lessons in any event, as the basis for providing services to people on welfare distribution aspects," he concluded.

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