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    Aher: I wish West Java would reach the higher awards in 2018


    YOGYAKARTA - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan or Kang Aher hopes in 2018, West Java would receive the highest award which is Parasmya Purna Karya Nugraha from the Central Government. 

    It was delivered Aher after receiving the Satyalancana Karya Bhakti Praja Nugraha award from the Central Government in Yogyakarta, on Monday (25/4). Satyalancana Karya Bhakti Praja Nugraha is a tribute to the area were assessed successfully with good governance. "If we get this award consecutively for 3 years in the future, then Insya Allah, we will eventually get the highest award of Parasmya Purna Karya Nugraha,” he said. West Java province became the best three were awarded of Satyalancana Karya Bhakti Praja Nugraha. 

    "The best three are East Java, Central Java and West Java. In addition there are several districts in West Java City who also received the same award include Cimahi, Depok and Banjar,” said Aher. The award ceremony was held in Yogyakarta in the framework of the 20th anniversary of Regional Autonomy.

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