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    PON 2016 Momentum for West Java to Reach Jabar Kahiji


    SUMEDANG-PON XIX and Peparnas XV West Java in 2016 could be a momentum to West Java for wining the general champion of the National Sports Week. It will be history after 55 years of West Java did not reach the highest throne of the biggest sporting event in this country.
    In the socialisation PON XIX and Peparnas XV to commemorate the 438th Sumedang anniversary at Sumedang Regency Square on Sunday morning (24/04/2016), Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said West Java targeting the 4 keys success of PON XIX and Peparnas XV, namely the successful implementation, the successful achievement, the successful economic and the successful administration.
    For the successful accomplishment, West Java certainly want the best performance that became the overall champion in the acquisition of gold medals. Moreover, 55 years of West Java is not sweetness throne won the general championship of PON.
    “West Java achievement must be successful to the general champion. This vicious cycle right now including the whole of society of Sumedang to participate in supporting the success of PON," Vice Governor spoke in front of thousands of people in Sumedang this morning.
    "For 55 years, West Jave didn’t get the general champion and we should wait for 136 years to be host of PON again. so this is the time,” said Vice Governor.
    Sumedang has declared its readiness as location venue for five sports. Sumedang is the only district as organiser with the highest number of sport, which is held in 4 locations for 5 sports venue. First, the sports of hang gliding and paragliding are located in Batu Dua and Kampung Toga; Pencak Silat in ITB Jatinangor GOR, the three sports in GOR Futsal of ITB Jatiangor; and Golf in Bandung Giri Gahana Lapagan.
    Vice Regent of Sumedang Eka Setiawan said that until now the process of venue construction has reached 90%. However, it’s still under construction of the infrastructure or access roads to the venue location.
    “The venue is nearly 90 percent. That has not been the infrastructure of the driveway, then a little-completeness,” Eka said after the ceremony.
    As part of the anniversary of Sumedang District, in addition to socialisation of PON this morning also held a variety of activities, such as zumba gymnastics, fun walk followed thousands of participants, entertainment, and there are door prizes for the hike participants with prizes of motorcycle, various kinds of electronic equipment, as well as other prizes.


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