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    Netty Promotes Healthy Lifestyle in the National Diabetes Day


    BANDUNG-PKK Team Leader of West Java Province Netty Heryawan said diabetes is currently a threat to people in West Java. So it must be kept campaigned and educated to the public about the dangers of diabetes.

    “We can visit the crowd of people, so there will be a domino effect and multiplication of knowledge," said Netty at Commemoration World Health Day and National Diabetes Day 2016 at the Care Free Day Dago (Hotel Geulis), Sunday ( 24/04/16).

    The perceived benefits, was mainly want to build awareness in the community for maintaining health, especially to prevent, treat and fight diabetes. "Actually, the West Java province already supports to prevent diabetes with diet and multiply eat vegetables, salad and fruit,” she said.

    But this time the number of diabetics is still high, but it preventable and treatable by early detection and change behaviour patterns. By starting healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, physical activity and reduce fast food contain lots of calories.

    "Therefore, I urge the residents of West Java, together to realise the healthy, intelligent and educated society. By preventing, treating and fight every kind of food that can plunge diabetes. Jabar Kahiji is not only for PON XIX and Peparnas XV but in many other development area,” she concluded.

    Head of West Java Provincial Health Office, Alma Lucyati explains diabetes is preventable, treatable and fought. "The ideal solution is maintain a healthy weight, regular physical activity, consume more fruits and vegetables, avoid alcohol consumption and not smoking, do regular health checks and treatment in accordance with a doctor's prescription,” she said.

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