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    The Art Park Optimisation


    BANDUNG-Currently, the Government of West Java Province was heavily built facilities or the venue as a space for people to show their creativity, both in the arts or culture. One place that can now be used for arts and culture representative, namely West Java Cultural Park which is located in Dago Tea House, Bandung.

    After the opening of Sinematihes community in the event titled Film Purnama at the West Java Cultural Park, Dago Tea House, Bandung on Friday night (22/04/16), the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said he wanted the society or community arts and culture can optimally utilise the existing place to show their creativity.

    According to Deddy, it is important to enhance the creativity of the society, moreover at this time we have entered the era of the creative economy.

    "I am grateful this Cultural Park will be used for sustainable activities especially movies. But the Cultural Park is not just for movies merely, but it also be used for community of theatre, music, fine arts, and so forth,” Deddy said after the ceremony.

    “The most important it’s used optimal as possible to develop the creativity of artists and cultural experts in West Java. Because today's era of creative economy,” said Deddy. West Java Cultural Park has a fairly complete facilities. The venue has two areas or the theatre, which is opened and closed area. Both can be used for a wide variety of arts and culture activities, even exhibitions. 

    In order to complement the existing facilities at the Opened Theatre of Cultural Park in West Java, in front of the northern part of theatre will be built preview room or a mini cinema for the screening of short films.

    As the film activities held by Sinematihes film community, which in accordance with the headline show titled Film Purnama. Sinematihes will hold events to watch together the various types of film on each arrival of the full moon.

    "I am delighted the perpetrators here was mostly youth. And I hope this is not just a night or a month but every month, especially in the last full moon with diverse themes,” please Deddy.

    Deddy also added, that the film could be a medium of expression of young people who can bear the perpetrators of quality films and develop film industry in Indonesia. In addition, the film is also expected to raise and preserve local knowledge possessed every area.

    Purnama is a movie screening event with media step on the screen. This event is planned to be held regularly on every full moon as a means to help the community or film actors in realising their dream, which is to show the beauty of their work.

    Purnama Film held on Friday night (22/04/2016) brings entertainment and demos drone cameras, screen step on the movie "What a funny thing this State" and "Gifts for the President", as well as movie dialogue "What a funny thing this State" with Deddy Mizwar as the speaker and moderator by Aria Kusumadewa.

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