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    Aher Ask The OPDs Commitment to Increase Performance


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) targets in 2016 is the provincial government can achieve a minimum value of A in accountability performance of the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform.

    Therefore, Aher asked for the commitment of all the regional organisation (OPD) in the West Java provincial government to make various improvements, ranging from aspects of planning, measuring, reporting and performance evaluation work summarised in Government Performance Accountability System (AKIP).

    It was announced Aher after doing signing agreements with all Head of OPD witnessed by Deputy Bureaucratic Reform, Accountability and Oversight of Kemenpan-RB, at Gedung Sate Bandung, Friday (22/04/16).

    "This year in particular I target to reach A category, not be a burden but rather a motivation to continue working and to show the ability and the best contribution," said Aher.

    In order to achieve these targets, Aher said it is not too difficult. Reflecting on the previous year the provincial government achieve performance accountability value of 70.06 with BB category. To reach these targets, it will do strategic planning both at the level of the OPD, especially in the province as well as the strategic goals and performance indicators so that the outcome-oriented.

    "This is not an assessment of WTP but should be oriented towards on outcome. RPJMD (mid-term regional development plan) should be used as a reference in formulating strategic plans in the OPD. We offer the best performance for the people of West Java. This should be accountable, and should fit between the budget which came out with the resulting performance,” he said.

    Aher will see the seriousness of each head of the OPD and the Bureau in implementing AKIP system and expect their reports any progress evaluation materials. "As a seriousness efforts of the Head of OPD, I requested assistance from Kemenpan-RB personally to do not delegated by his officers," he said.


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