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    Yuddy Supports Hikmat To Be Chairman of IKA UNPAD


    BANDUNG-Yuddy Chrisnandi, alumni of the Faculty of Economics of UNPAD in 1986, one of the candidates in the event of contestation of the election of the Chairman of IKA UNPAD ended deadlocked because there is an excess 59 votes, expressed its unwillingness to become Chairman.

    "I'm not willing to become Chairman of IKA UNPAD, at least for a period in two years ahead given the flurry of duty as assistant to the President," he said in a release received jabarprov.go.id, Saturday (23/4).

    Furthermore, for the good and unity of alumni UNPAD, Yuddy expressed his sympathy and support to Hikmat Kurnia. "I am sympathetic to Mr. Hikmat Kurnia, alumni of the Faculty of Literature of UNPAD 1986, which is also a candidate for Chairman of IKA UNPAD to be given the opportunity to service as Chairman of IKA UNPAD," he said.


    He added, with the spirit of 'Hayu Ngahiji', Yuddy declared its readiness to help and dedication to the advancement of UNPAD alma mater, without having to sit in the organisational structure of IKA UNPAD.

    "This is proof of my commitment to maintain and dissolve spirit of 'Hayu Ngahiji’ to UNPAD towards on the lofty ideals into a world-class university," said Yuddy.

    It reported earlier, the process of counting of Chairman of IKA UNPAD on Sunday (17/04), was stopped because there is difference of 59 votes unheard calculated that exceeded the number of voters list (DPT).

    The committee stopped counting at the 10th box for the number of votes exceeded the DPT. If it continued, HIkmat and Yuddy have the same chance to win.

    Furthermore the IX Convention of IKA UNPAD mandates to the three candidates to complete management of IKA UNPAD 2016 to 2020, at the latest within one week of starting the day on set.

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