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    Management Funds of SMA/SMK In West Java Estimated to Reach Rp 5 trillion


    BANDUNG-The management of SMA/SMK in West Java which will begin to be implemented in 2017, requires substantial funds. It predicted to reach Rp 5 trillion. It thus disclosed by head of West Java Education Department, Asep Hilman in a statement to jabarprov.go.id, Friday (22/4).

    Acording to Asep to ascertain how the funding requirements in the management of SMA/SMK which is now the authority of provincial government, is being carried out calculations.

    The main things that a benchmark calculation include: Operational funds schools, meeting facilities and infrastructure, as well as employee welfare fund. As one example for TPP teachers is substantial considering the number of teachers SMA/SMK in West Java which has reached 27,000 people, said Asep Hilman.

    The launch of the fund for the management of SMA/SMK will start in the pure Regional Budgets in 2017.

    Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of Commission V DPRD West Java province, Yomanius Untung in his statement said with the transfer management authority of SMA/SMK then become the authority of the Provincial Government. The development challenges of education in West Java to gain weight, because of the large fund in education.

    The funds needed to continue the policy include the Regency/City that already provide free high-school education/vocational school in West Java that reached in 8 areas.

    Likewise for other programs require substantial funds. BOS funds reaching of Rp 1.8 trillion. Development of New Class of 4,000 units required funds amounting to Rp 500 billion. The funding needs could be increased if there is a new unit school construction program.

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