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    BKC Prioritise Its Human Resource to Careers


    BANDUNG - Bandung Karate Club (BKC) fostering to encourage the existing human resources to continue their career in any field. In the celebration of the 50th BKC anniversary, BKC Chairman Agus Santos said, BKC should be the container in the future career development.

    "We would point for seniors to continue their career as a coach, so even the world referees. BKC now has at least two referees world for Karate,” said Agus.

    For those who now can be a coach, BKC will continue to push in order to become a professional coach.

    "For the level of our coaches we push them to be professional coach, which means that it can bring revenue and also knowledge, not for the BKC but also the other karate club,” he said.

    In fact, according to Agus, BKC members who want to become a sports teacher, is encouraged to participate in sport teacher education.

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