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    West Java Governor Inaugurated Gedung Sate, Taman Pakuan, and Taman Saparua


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Governor (West Java) Ridwan Kamil signed an inscription as a sign of the opening of the Gedung Sate Park, Taman Pakuan, and the Saparua Park in Bandung as a green open space and a community gathering place in the Gedung Sate Front Park, Tuesday (12/31/19 ).

    According to the governor who is often called Emil, the principle of revitalizing the Front and Rear Gardens of Gedung Sate, Pakuan Park, and Saparua Park is to increase comfort, expand open or public areas, and adjust to the needs and functions of the park.

    "That 2020 is the year of the launching of Gedung Sate as a tourist destination. Then 2020 (Gedung Sate) will be opened as wide as possible to the community starting with repairs in the front garden and back garden which so far have been inadequate, usually people take pictures on the asphalt (street), "Emil said.

    "At the same time, the parks in Saparua, Pusdai, and Pakuan have also been completed so that the residents who are present can appreciate and enjoy the new face of the environment in the management of the West Java Regional Secretariat General Bureau," he added.

    Emil also believes the presence of the park can be a tourist attraction, especially during the holiday season. He also hopes that the revitalization will have a positive impact on people's happiness levels.

    "If it is according to expectations, it is important that people appreciate it, in my opinion it is already very good because residents and the community increasingly appreciate the history of Gedung Sate. Next year Gedung Sate is 100 years old, so indeed at the age of 100 Gedung Sate has a new face and has new interactions with community, "Emil said.

    "For tourist attraction I think it can increase 10 percent, especially after I viral it in the post, especially tomorrow 's holiday (new year). Surely a major concern," he said.

    This revitalization itself is the beginning of the master plan that makes Gedung Sate as a tourist center in West Java. The plan is that Gedung Sate in 2020 will be opened to the public including inside rooms, still with the rules of which territories may be visited or not, so that people can explore this historical building more.

    The Head of the West Java Regional Secretariat General Bureau Iip Hidajat meanwhile said, his party was also obliged to improve security so as to provide a sense of security, comfort, and friendliness for visitors or the public.

    "When this is opened as public access, the first General Bureau must add security personnel, the second is the addition of CCTV, the third is adding mobile guard posts because (the building) is open," said Iip.

    "For the Gedung Sate Front Park, there will still be a fence but the fence is knock down or portable so for example it needs to be closed, it will be closed. But if not, keep it open. For example if there is a demonstration it can't be predicted and the police also want a fence for demarcation, "he added.

    Iip explained that the activities that had often been carried out in the front area of ??Gedung Sate, in the future would be focused on Taman Belakang which had also been revitalized with a wider and representative public space.

    Later, TamanBate Gedung Sate has an open stage aimed at accommodating positive activities against the building background of Gedung Sate.

    "In the back garden we make a large open stage with a size of 12x120 meters. So if there is a tent or exhibition booth there is very possible. Including also for large events can be held in the back garden," said Iip.

    "In the past, if there was a big event, we used to close Jalan Dipenogoro, instead it caused an extraordinary traffic jam. If there were two lanes behind, there would be relatively more conducive if one lane was closed," he said.

    As for the Gedung Sate building as a cultural heritage building, the park revitalization team has consulted and worked with a team of cultural heritage experts in the City of Bandung and the Banten Preservation Cultural Center, and the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia in order to obtain recommendations so that the main functions and buildings are not disrupted.

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