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    West Java Governor Gives Appreciation to SEA Games Athletes, Persib Putri Team, and TIRA Persikabo Kartini


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java (West Java) Governor Ridwan Kamil gave kadeudeuh money of Rp. 500 million to the Persib Putri Team (Bandung) who succeeded in winning the 2019 Women's League 1 championship.

    In addition, Emil - a familiar greeting Ridwan Kamil - to the TIRA Persikabo Kartini (Bogor) team who came out as runners-up.

    The kadeudeuh money was handed over directly by Emil in the 'Dinner Dinner with SEA Games Athletes from West Java, Persib Putri Team and Tira Persikabo Putri Team' at Pakuan Building in Bandung City, Monday (12/30/19) evening WIB.

    "We (the West Java Provincial Government) gave a fortune of 500 million rupiah to Persib Putri who won the National Women's League 1. Therefore we give appreciation and hopefully her enthusiasm is transmitted to her main professional team," Emil said.

    "Secondly, because of the runners-up from West Java, of course we will also appreciate Tira Persikabo Kartini, which we will give an appreciation of 150 million rupiah. "the main team is in women's soccer (West Java) at PON Papua," he added.

    Emil added, West Java sports coaching and development in 2019 had recorded a variety of achievements, including winning the hat-trick overall champion at the 2019 National Student Sports Week (POPNAS) and the 2019 Korpri National Sports Week (Pornas).

    In addition, the West Java contingent also won the overall championship at the 2019 National Pesantren Sports and Arts Week (Pospenas). At the Southeast Asian level, the West Java flagship athletes managed to contribute nearly 50 percent of the 2019 SEA Games medal won by the Indonesian contingent.

    For that, Emil thanked all athletes, coaches, and officials for the achievements. According to him, these achievements are truly extraordinary achievements because it is one example of demographic fruit that is managed and harvested well by all West Java sports people.

    "(Achievement) will complete the peak of sporting achievements. West Javanese sports champions, ranging from students, boarding schools, madrasas, Korpri and others," said Emil.

    "We are proud because the West Java Champion's sentence gets its meaning. So I as a governor are very happy, very proud. Hopefully this news can be viral in order to offset the thirst for positive information to fight things that are less positive," he said.

    Next, Emil also hopes that achievements in this sport can be maintained and improved. One of them is the collaboration of all parties to produce international-class Jabar athletes and become a major contributor to the Indonesian national team in various sports in the world.

    Jabar's Head of Youth and Sports (Dispora) Province Engkus Sutisna meanwhile said that the process of fostering good athletes and coaches and support of good sports facilities is one of the keys to West Java's success in 2019.

    Therefore, it will continue to be committed in supporting all the needs of the provincial sports world with a population of nearly 50 million people. Engkus also emphasized that the West Java Provincial Government would also appreciate the Pospenas athletes and the 2019 SEA Games medalists who helped make the province proud.

    "To give appreciation and appreciation to sports people, the Regional Government of West Java Province has given kadeudeuh money (through) the governor, including in 2019 handed over to the HAORNAS commemoration, given kadeudeuh money to outstanding sports people with a total amount of 1.6 billion rupiah, "said Engkus.

    "As for the Pospenas athletes and SEA Games Medalists, they will be given cash in the 2020 budget year, which is scheduled around February," he concluded.

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