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    West Java Deputy Governor Submits Mascara and Inaugurates Village Heart in Sukabumi Regency


    SUKABUMI REGENCY  - Deputy Governor (Deputy Governor) of West Java (West Java) Uu Ruzhanul Ulum symbolically handed over the assistance of the Champion Village (Mascara) Village Aspiration Car in Sukamaju Village, Cimanggu District, Sukabumi Regency, Monday (12/30/19).

    This time, there are eight villages in Kab. Sukabumi who got the Mascara, namely Pasir Halang Village, Sukaraja Subdistrict (Mandiri Village), Mekarsari Village Cicurug Subdistrict (3rd Champion in 2016 West Java Provincial Level Village Competition), Pasanggrahan Village Sagaranten District (Mandiri Village), also Bojongkokosan Village Parungkuda Subdistrict (Mandiri Village) .

    Mascara was also given to Batununggal Village, Cibadak Subdistrict (1st Champion in Desa Contest at West Java Province in 2016), Sirnaresmi Village, Cisolok Subdistrict (Sinergitas Laboratory Village to Independent Village / DLS to DM), Citepus Village, Palabuhanratu Subdistrict (Mandiri Village), and Warungkiara Village, Subdistrict Warungkiara (Independent Village).

    In this event, Uu also symbolically inaugurated a small-scale Hanging Bridge (Heart) Village in five villages, namely Kalibunder Village (Kalibunder District), Sukamaju Village (Cimanggu District), Sirnaresmi Village (Cisolok District), Caringin Village (Kecamatan Calibaya), Cisolok), and Cikelat Village (Cisolok District).

    In his remarks, Uu invited the community to be involved in maintaining facilities and infrastructure that had been built by the government, including the Heart of the Village and Mascara from the Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province through the Office of Community and Village Empowerment (DPM-Desa).

    "Development given by the government, the community must participate in owning it, also in maintaining it. Including the cars and bridges provided by us, please take good care of the community, "Uu said.

    Uu also hopes that the assistance of village facilities and infrastructure can improve community welfare, both in terms of economy, education, and public health.

    "There is no hope for us, with this bridge the community can improve economically, education and health, so that our task in order to improve people's welfare can be realized," he added.

    Also accompanying the Deputy Governor in the ceremony was Sukabumi Regent Marwan Hamami and Sukabumi District DPRD Chair Yudha Sukmanagara. On behalf of the government and the people of Kab. Sukabumi, Marwan also appreciated the efforts of the West Java Provincial Government which has provided bridge infrastructure assistance.

    According to Marwan, a suspension bridge can improve connectivity between villages in the Sukabumi region. While related to Mascara, Marwan hopes that the multifunctional car can answer the needs of the people of Sukabumi Regency for information and entertainment.

    "Mascara for the majority of the population in the southern region can be a means of entertainment, especially in the City and Regency of Sukabumi, there is no cinema yet. So, this mobile car service can become an entertainment arena, "said Marwan.

    "This assistance is expected to answer the thirst for entertainment and information. And all this time, our regulations, Pergub, Perda are difficult to communicate because there are not enough tools to deliver them, "he added.

    As one of the Masara receiving village heads, Sirnaresmi Village Head Iwan Suwandi welcomed the assistance of the multipurpose car facility because it was considered beneficial for the people in his village. He also said that the people of Sirnaresmi Village were very enthusiastic about the Mascara assistance.

    "This is very beneficial, can be watched together, for August 17," said Iwan.

    "And my village is very wide, the terrain is mountainous. It can be useful for a celebration, so our community does not need to make a stage, "he concluded.

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