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    Ridwan Kamil confirmed FKUB and FKDM West Java


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil confirmed the membership of the Religious Harmony Forum (FKUB) and the West Java Community Early Awareness Forum (FKDM) in West Hall, Gedung Sate, Bandung, Monday (12/30/19).

    Inauguration of FKUB membership based on Governor Decree Number 220 / kep.748-bakesbangpol / 2019 concerning West Java FKUB Members. Meanwhile, the inauguration of FKDM membership is in accordance with Governor Decree Number 330 / kep.1360-bakesbangpol / 2019.

    Emil - as Ridwan Kamil was called - asked FKUB to be more proactive. "I entrust FKUB with the problem of interpretations, especially regarding houses of worship. Do not let it rise in West Java, so I ask that in this new era be proactive," Emil said.

    "Then we have to make a village of tolerance, a village of compassion and then go on sale. Don't just 'fire fighters' when there are religious issues in the community. I think that's important," he added.

    According to Emil, FKUB must also contribute to making West Java a tolerant province. "FKUB must have a rebuttal argument against the view of the tolerance index of the West Java community which is considered less, even though it is not so, the FKUB must convey its theoretical views," he said.

    In the same event, Emil asked FKDM to ensure and maintain the conducivity of West Java. Because, he said, FKDM was formed to detect social vulnerability, the potential for radicalism and terrorism.

    "Now, we have instruments to ensure that conducivity will not be disrupted, so that collaboration between the government and the community is facilitated by FKDM. I think that our basic capital is to build the West Java Champion Born Inner," he said.

    "If there can be a digital team, then we can add the budget because now FKDM must be digitally sophisticated because the initial disquiet is from digital," he added.

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