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    West Java Information Commission Enters Phase Three


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil appointed commissioner of the West Java Information Commission (KI) at Gedung Sate, Bandung, Monday (12/30). The West Java Information Commission which was confirmed was the third period commissioner.

    Inaugurated commissioners are Ijang Faisal who serves as chairman of the West Java Information Commission, Dedi Dharmawan as deputy chairman as well as members namely Yudaningsih, Husni Farhan Mubarok and Dadan saputra.

    Present at the inauguration of Deputy Chair of the Central Information Commission Gede Narayana Sunarkha. In his remarks he said the membership of the West Java Information Commission was the third or most period, followed by Central Java and DKI Jakarta.

    "If it is already in the third phase, it must be better in facing IT development. KI must now be able to understand IT and monitor. Moreover, West Java has received the title as an informative province," he explained.

    Openness becomes a necessity, especially as an informative province of transparency is an obligation for stakeholders. Today's society is increasingly literate and increasingly knows how to obtain information, one of which is through KI.

    "The benefits of public information disclosure must be felt by the community. Public bodies must collaborate with KI so that the public can obtain transparent information," he said.

    While Governor Ridwan Kamil added that there were still around 40 percent of the population who could not distinguish true or false information, this was a joint task especially for KI.

    "West Java must move up the class, especially since it has received the title of informative province," he concluded. Jo

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