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    West Java Governor Inaugurates Pusdai Park


    BANDUNG CITY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil inaugurated Pusdai Park which is located along the north side of Pusdai mosque, Bandung City, Monday (12/30/19). The 3,265 square meter garden has a new face after being arranged for three months.

    The arrangement of the Pusdai Park itself is evidence of the attention of the West Java Regional Government (Pemda) in providing Green Open Space (RTH) for the community.

    "Arranged means that people are interested in coming to the mosque. So, with this park, God willing, will increase the pious people," Emil said - as Ridwan Kamil called.

    "The concept was that a closed fence is now open, so that Pusdai is more friendly. People passing by can be interested in worship," he added.

    After inaugurating the Pusdai Park, Emil presented a prize to the West Java Musabaqah Qira'atil Pole (MQK) champions and kadeudeuh money to West Java's Porsadin (Inter-Diniyah Sports and Arts Week) athletes who came out as national general champions.

    Previously, approximately 800 santri from Islamic boarding schools from 27 regencies / cities throughout West Java participated in the MQK competition at Tasikmalaya Cipasung Ponpes in October 2019. In the competition, Miftahul Huda Islamic Boarding School, Kab. Tasikmalaya came out as champion 1. Then, Baitpes Hikmah Regency. Tasikmalaya won second place and the Islamic Boarding School Madinatul Ulum Bandung came out in third place.

    Meanwhile, the West Java contingent in the National Level Porsadin IV in Bangka Belitung in October 2019 came out as overall champion.

    "We give kadeudeuh for Porsadin athletes to complete the number of national champions, there are Popnas, Pospenas, Korpri Sports Week, Sea Games Athletes, until Persib Putri. Because according to the champion's inner and outer vision, not only world affairs, but spirituality as well. we give awards, "Emil said.

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