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    In the Second Stage, the West Java Governor Delivers an Additional 30 Bus Tours


    BANDUNG CITY- Tourism Bus has become one of the superior programs of the Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province (West Java) in an effort to facilitate tourists accessing tourist destinations while boosting West Java's tourism sector.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil also handed over an additional 30 units of tour buses to various districts / cities on Monday (12/30/19) in the courtyard of the Bandung City Pusdai Building.

    Symbolically, 10 bus units were handed over to eight local governments, namely Bandung Regency, Kab. Cirebon, Kab. Sukabumi, Kab. Karawang, Kab. Tasikmalaya, Kab. West Bandung, as well as the City of Banjar and the City of Cirebon. While two bus units will be used by the provincial government.

    Emil - as Ridwan Kamil was called - hoped that tourist visits to West Java would increase through the presence of this tour bus so that the PAD, welfare and happiness index of the West Java people also increased.

    "Hopefully with innovations like this will make people feel at home visiting West Java, which has beautiful nature, delicious cuisine, until finally all the residents of West Java and their tourists are happy," said Emil.

    Not as a long-distance bus, the presence of this Tour Bus aims to make it easy for tourists to reach tourist spots in the district / city.

    In addition, the Tourist Bus is also the main attraction in the streets of various regions in West Java thanks to the colorful patterns that adorn this single decker type bus.

    The shape and name of the tour bus is unique according to the uniqueness of each region. You name it, Ranginang (Ngiring Senang Rame) in the City of Banjar, Ngumbara (Nguriling with the West Bandung Community), Si Jalak Harupat in Bandung Regency, to KATONS (KAton Tour ON bus) owned by Cirebon City.

    "For the theme of the bus I submit it to each local government, there was Ranginang in Banjar. Cirebon is happy (the color) is dark green according to the color of the palace," said Emil.

    Not only to encourage the tourism sector, the Tour Bus which still pays attention to vehicle technicality namely safety, comfort, and security is also expected to stimulate the culture of riding public transportation for residents in West Java.

    "The city tour bus is also one of the stimulants transforming the use of private vehicles to public transportation," Emil said.

    Through this program, the West Java Provincial Government aims to provide each of a minimum of two bus units to 27 districts / cities.

    The Tour Bus Program was launched by Emil on December 23, 2018. In the first phase, 13 Tourism Buses in collaboration with Bjb were given one unit each for the City of Cimahi, Kab. Sumedang, Kota Tasikmalaya, Kab. Pangandaran, Kab. Garut, Cirebon City, Kab. Kuningan, Depok City, Bekasi City, Sukabumi City, Kab. Cianjur, Kab. Purwakarta, and Kab. Tasikmalaya.

    While the procurement of 30 West Java tour buses in the 2019 budget year was built using the West Java Regional Budget and the West Java Provincial Transportation Agency as the person in charge.

    The Head of West Java Provincial Transportation Agency, Hery Antasari, said that his office was trying to connect tourist attractions and increase the interaction of tourists with the community in regency / city tourism destinations.

    "We hope that the city / regency can make good use of this tour bus so that it is beneficial for the development of regency / city tourism and can also improve the welfare of citizens, (especially) for MSMEs engaged in tourism," said Hery.

    Separately, Banjar Mayor Ade Uu Sukaesih is optimistic that this tour bus can be a new attraction for tourists even though Banjar only has four sub-districts. Going forward, Ade hopes to get additional tourist buses as an attraction for tourists.

    "We (Banjar) are destined only in villages such as the Citanduy River tour. With the car we call Ranginang, it will be a tourist attraction," Ade said.

    "Hopefully next year we can add three more units so that each district can get one unit," he hoped.

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