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    Tips on Overcoming Snakes in Settlements


    BANDUNG CITY - The phenomenon of the emergence of various types of snakes, especially cobras, in a number of settlements, including West Java, has alarmed the public. Moreover, cobras are known to be aggressive and have deadly poisons.

    Snake lover, Andi Yudha, believes that one of the causes of the presence of this phenomenon is the delay in the rainy season. Thus, cobra eggs which are supposed to be damaged by fungus, mature and hatch perfectly.

    "There is a delay in the rainy season. Which should be back in September. So, eggs that are supposed to be damaged due to mold, are actually ripe and hatch, "Andi said in TEPAS (Leadership Meeting for Community Aspirations) in Gasibu, Bandung City, Friday (12/27/19).

    Andi reminded, there are poisonous snakes, in addition to cobras, which often appear during the rainy season. One of them, a red-tailed green snake. He also said the largest population of red-tailed green snakes is in the Land of Pasundan.

    "Snakes enter settlements because they smell a lot of food. The snake that enters is actually, if allowed to be informed, not only cobras. In Indonesia, there are 6 poisonous snakes that are quite famous. Starting from king cobra, cobra, ground snake, welang, weling and green red tail, "he said.

    "What is abundant in West Java is the red-tailed green snake. So, not all venomous green snakes, but red-tailed green snakes even have red eyes. And that's when there is a lot of rainy season, "he added.

    At the event, Andi explained a number of tips when dealing with snakes in settlements. First is calm and don't panic. After that, he said, we should pay attention to the shape of the snake, and see where the snake moves.

    "If he moves, we entrust the people who are there, we look for information on his whereabouts, and if necessary to show where he is running to find his orientation to where. When contacting the damkar rescue, you can know the location, "he said.

    If you meet a poisonous snake, whether it's a cobra and a red-tailed green snake, we must keep our distance to make the snake move locations, and read the characteristics of the snake. Andi gave an example of a cobra that often sprayed venom.

    "When we know it's a cobra, wear glasses and keep a distance of up to 2 meters. Start from push and push away from holes, and choose an open place. If you have a sack and a sarong, cover it. You can see the head and press it. Put it in the bucket and close it, "he said.

    Finally, if we are bitten by a poisonous snake, Andi said, keep calm as much as possible. The goal is that snake venom does not flow quickly to the heart while inhibiting nerve damage.

    "If bitten, once again, stay calm. Because most importantly do not have movements that make the blood flow faster to the heart. Then, lay down while waiting for help to arrive. In a calm way, blood flow does not flow quickly and inhibits damage to the heart, "he said.

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