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    West Java KONI Holds Sports Training Coach for PON 2020 Champion General Target


    BANDUNG CITY- The Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province (West Java) intends to maintain the overall championship title for West Java in the 20th edition of the National Sports Week (PON) in Papua, 2020.

    Commitment through the West Java Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) is evidenced by holding a technical guidance activity (bimtek) for the trainers of all sports (sports) participating in the most prestigious multievent in Indonesia.

    Technical Guidance Technical Guidance titled 'Unraveling the Winning Strategy of West Java Champion in PON XX in Papua' was officially opened by Plh. Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province Daud Achmad at the Fave Hotel Hypersquare, Bandung City, Sunday (12/29/19).

    In his remarks, Daud appreciated this bimtek activity. Daud also emphasized that the West Java Provincial Government is ready to support every step of KONI to win the overall championship title of PON 2020 Papua.

    Specifically, David advised the coaches to pay attention to the inner connection with the athletes. According to him, the inner connection between the coach and the athlete will affect the athlete's performance.

    "I entrust to coaches, coaches are not only good at sports techniques, but also must have an inner connection with athletes. This has a big influence on the performance of athletes," said Daud.

    West Java KONI Chairman Ahmad Saefudin meanwhile said, his side had discussed the West Java opportunity in maintaining the overall championship title by considering the athlete's potential.

    In addition, at the previous meeting, it was also estimated that the number of gold medals that had to be won by West Java was adjusted to the quality of athletes from the West Java Team Contingent.

    "The target (medal) of gold that must be won by the consequences that have been considered, West Java has its potential, our commitment remains," said Ahmad.

    The bimtek program also has a tagline adapted from the Sundanese language, which is 'Kacai becomes piety, content becomes salogak'. According to Ahmad, this tagline is very in line with the objectives of the technical guidance in building togetherness and mutual commitment.

    "The tagline taken is very appropriate for the dynamics faced, we must be compact and committed to one, to make Jabar Champion," he said.

    In this bimtek held until 31 December, West Java KONI took the Faculty of Sports and Health Education (FPOK) of the Indonesian University of Education (UPI) as a resource and training guide, and was attended by 71 trainers.

    The PON 2020 Papua itself will take place on October 20 to November 2. The venue was divided into six clusters: Jayapura City, Kab. Jayapura, Biak, Mimika, Merauke and Kab. Jayawijaya.

    The four-yearly event will compete 37 sports, 56 sports disciplines, 679 match numbers, with an athlete quota of 6,442 people.

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