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    Deputy Governor Encourages Community Service Activities at Kalipucang Al-Jabbar Mosque


    PANGANDARAN REGENCY - Deputy Governor (Deputy Governor) of West Java (West Java) Uu Ruzhanul Ulum inaugurated the use of the Al-Jabbar Mosque in Kalipucang, Pangandaran Regency, Sunday (29/12/2019), accompanied by Pangandaran Regent Jeje Wiradinata.

    "This mosque's status is owned by the people of West Java, including residents of Pangandaran Regency. Therefore, let's make the most of it, "Uu said.

    The name Al-Jabbar itself, continued Uu, is one of the names of Asmaul Husna which means dashing. Al-Jabbar can also be considered as an abbreviation of West Java.

    Uu also encouraged that various public relations activities could be carried out at the Al-Jabbar Mosque because the mosque must be used as a means of moving the people. Starting next week, Friday prayer can be held at the Al-Jabbar Mosque, Kalipucang, Pangandaran Regency.

    "Hopefully (the Al-Jabbar mosque) will also encourage the people of Pangandaran, West Java, to become a great society whose morals. So as to encourage the realization of West Java that are Champion Born and Inner," said Uu.

    "Champion of faith, sharia champion, muamalah champion, champion obedient to the government, champion Amaliah ahlussunah wal jamaah. And finally entrust to guard the unity of unity," he added.

    Pangandaran Regent Jeje Wiradinata meanwhile appreciated the West Java Provincial Government who had built a mosque in Pangandaran Regency.

    Jeje also appealed and invited Muslims in Pangandaran Regency to jointly prosper the Kalipucang Al-Jabbar Mosque.

    "In accordance with the main function of the mosque, a means of fostering people, then prosper the Al-Jabbar Mosque," said Jeje.

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