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    West Java Governor Appeals Young Generation to Utilize Disruption in the Tourism Sector


    TASIKMALAYA CITY- West Java Governor (West Java) Ridwan Kamil said, the digital era or 4.0 which demands adaptation to disruption (shifts / changes in the system from the old to the new way), including activities in the real world that turn to cyberspace, must be utilized to positive thing.

    No exception, to improve people's welfare, especially the fact that West Java was blessed with beautiful nature. To that end, the governor who is familiarly called Emil is encouraging the disruption of innovation in West Java's natural wealth for the advancement of the tourism sector.

    "God has created natural beauty (West Java), we only have to be able to process it or not. We call it tourism, "Emil said while attending the closing ceremony of the XVII Regional Conference of Youth in West Java Muhammadiyah at the University of Muhammadiyah Tasikmalaya Campus, Tasikmalaya City, Sunday (12/29/19).

    "I entrust the Muhammadiyah youth to develop sustenance that is in sight, namely the beauty of nature. It (can) make people prosperous, "he added.

    Emil gave an example, the disruption of the tourism sector appeared along with the public's fondness for selfies in self-tourism places. "There is a disruption in tourism, that is, people do not have to linger. There (tourist attractions) come and go, selfie-go home, happy physically and spiritually. We call economic selfie, "he said.

    Another example of disruption of tourism innovation in the digital era or 4.0 is the use of residents' homes into homestays. Emil said, he would develop a homestay provided by residents around the tourist sites and could be ordered online.

    "The tourism economy can be a challenge. Now you can book, stay at the home residents (homestay). I will develop this, not all of the (owned) conglomerate hotels, "Emil said.

    "So, if there is a government program (to make) a homestay, just provide a clean room, a clean bathroom. The tourist is tired of staying in a hotel, he (tourists) wants an original atmosphere, a village atmosphere, can eat breakfast with the owner of the house, talk, continue to see nature. And in Kuningan it has already been implemented, "he explained.

    At the West Java Youth Regional XVII Muswil this time, Emil also advised the youth to be able to adapt to face challenges in the era of disruption, one of them by utilizing a digital platform for da'wah.

    "We have a digital propaganda program, so that young people who all have cell phones today, their brains, their minds are filled with positive things through cellphones," Emil said.

    "The spirit of West Java Champion is adapting to technology. The same thing is practiced in Muhammdiyah youth with usefulness, "he said.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of the West Java Muhammadiyah Elected Youth Formation Reza Arfan is committed to implementing the leadership and leadership of the West Java Muhammadiyah Youth who are moderate, independent, and collaborative. Moderate means united to realize a more advanced Indonesian civilization.

    "Then we have to be independent, independent, rich in works. All of that is for social, economic, social, civilization, and cultural intellectual independence, "said Reza.

    "The importance of collaboration, everything will be 4.0 in time. In this era there is no competition, only collaboration. In the future we will welcome an era full of challenges and tests, we must develop capacity and capability, "he stressed.

    In the next four years, West Java Muhammadiyah Youth is ready to collaborate with the Regional Government of West Java Province and become a cadre of champions who are born and inward.

    "Mr. Governor, in the next four years we Muhammadiyah cadres are ready to collaborate, ready to become cadres who are champions, champions born and inward," Reza said.

    "Please guide us, please remind us. We are ready to oversee the vision of West Java Champion, "he concluded

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