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    Safeguarding West Java's Future with Four Excellent Human Criteria


    TASIKMALAYA CITY - West Java (West Java) Governor Ridwan Kamil said, there are four criteria for superior people who are expected to become the future generation of West Java.

    The four criteria are Physical Quotient (PQ), Spiritual Quotient (SQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), and Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

    "Hopefully the children of the City of Tasik and West Java in general have these four characteristics," Emil - greeting Ridwan Kamil - said when he was carrying out the Morning Subling Congregation (Subling) at the Great Mosque of Tasikmalaya City, Sunday (12/29/19) ).

    The PQ means to have a good physical. One of the health problems that can inhibit PQ growth is stunting or failure to thrive. Emil said, the stunting rate in West Java was still in the range of 20 percent.

    Therefore, Emil said that there was an innovation to improve the nutrition of children in West Java, namely through the intake of vitamin rice initiated by BULOG. The plan is that next year this vitamin rice will be distributed.

    "This stunting is in the womb. So, these pregnant women make sure the nutrition is good, there is an innovation from Bulog. There is a special rice from Bulog again patented, "said Emil.

    "So the rice is sprinkled with vitamins, by this vitamin rice (one of them) can fight stunting. Well, I will buy it later in 2020, "he said.

    Then SQ is a mental intelligence that can be done one of them through worship or religious activities. "Expert worship is important, for example, diligent to the mosque. Because of the characteristics of the rise of Islam that the Fajr Prayer is as busy as the Friday Prayer. If not, don't claim that Islam has arisen, "Emil said.

    "This said the ulema in Palestine is not my word. The characteristic that is called Islam arises. So in Turkey, the body of the congregation has been extraordinary, the giroh is great and extraordinary, it needs to be imitated. Then this (Fajr Congregation) must be campaigned for, "he appealed.

    While EQ, means that the superior generation of West Java has good character or behavior. "Because sometimes between diligent worship with muamalah it's not the same," Emil said.

    Then the superior generation of West Java is also expected to have a good IQ. However, Emil hopes that IQ alone is not enough, so it must be balanced with EQ, SQ, and PQ. "Do not let IQ be smart, but not diligent in worship or in bad character," he said.

    In this Subling, Emil also said that Indonesia would be able to become a superpower in 2045. However, with one condition, namely the unity and integrity of the nation that is maintained and the ability of this nation to manage the existing political system.

    "This superpower's plan can only be thwarted by one, namely the division between us. In Indonesia, what makes a split is not money or science but politics, "Emil said.

    "So I also left ukhuwah Islamiyah, ukhuwah Wathoniyah, ukhuwah Insaniyah guarded. Look at the countries that were destroyed today. There is no longer the favor of nation and state, we protect our generation's children with the four superior human values ??of West Java, "he concluded.

    Also attending to accompany the governor were Tasikmalaya Mayor Budi Budiman, Tasikmalaya Deputy Mayor Muhammad Yusuf, Tasikmalaya City Secretary Ivan Dicksan, Head of the Yanbangsos Bureau of West Java Provincial Secretariat Ida Wahida Hidayati, FKPD Tasikmalaya City, and Tasikmalaya scholars.

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