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    West Java Deputy Governor: Head of the Village is Spearhead of Development


    KUNINGAN REGENCY - West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum attended the inauguration of 203 Village Heads in Kab. Brass. The inauguration, which was carried out based on Kuningan District Decree No. 141.1 / ktps.576-dprd / 2019, took place in Ewangga, Kab. Kuningan, Saturday (12/28/19).

    "Make the position of village head the way to the blessing of Allah SWT, intend because of God, for worship," said Uu.

    Uu said, the leader has three main tasks. First, it gives a sense of security and comfort to the community. Then, provide excellent service to the community. Finally, it gives a solemn sense of worshipers.

    In addition, said Uu, the leader must be present as a fair figure in the welfare of the community. He also stated, the village head was one of the strategic positions in the organizational structure of government in Indonesia. This is because the village head spearheaded development and direct services to the community.

    Therefore, Uu hopes that the village head can contribute greatly in realizing the innovation of the West Java Provincial Government (Pemda) named Desa Juara. Juara village itself has three pillars, namely digitalization of village services, One Village One Company (OVOC), and Movement to Build a Village (Village Gate).

    Of the three pillars, a series of programs descend, such as Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes), Village Hanging Bridges (Village Heart), Jalan Mulus Desa, Sapa Warga, and a number of other programs.

    "So naturally the Governor is referred to as the Village Governor," said Uu.

    The same thing was said by the Regent of Kuningan Acep Purnama. He stated, the village head as the spearhead of the development of local government districts / cities and provinces.

    "Thank God this time the inauguration was attended by the Deputy Governor of West Java. Hopefully this historic momentum will become the starting point, in the context of developing a village that is advanced, independent, prosperous, democratic, just, in line with the spirit of the Village Law," Acep said.

    Acep also appealed to the village head who was appointed to carry out development and improve community welfare as well as possible.

    "Most importantly the presence of the Deputy Governor also brings blessings. Where each will get a Mascara car," he said.

    In the event, Uu handed over six units of the Village Champion Aspiration Car (Mascara) to the achievement village. The six villages won the status of independent villages, innovative villages, Champion Village Competition, and Village Synergy Laboratory Category.

    The following Village Mascara Car Recipient in 2019, in Kuningan District:
    1. Kadugede Village, Kadugede District, Kuningan Regency, Independent Village Category

    2. Ancaran Village, Kuningan District, Kuningan District, Independent Village Category

    3. Ciawigebang Village, Ciawigebang District, Kuningan District, Independent Village Category

    4. Sadamantra Village, Jalaksana District, Kuningan Regency, Innovative Village Category for Camp and Animal Husbandry

    5. Cibulan Village, Cidahu Subdistrict, Kuningan Regency, as the Champion 1 of the West Java Provincial Level Village Competition in 2019.

    6. Cibingbin Village, Cibingbin District, Kuningan Regency, Sinergitas Laboratory Village Category towards Independent Village (DLS DM)

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