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    West Java Deputy Governor: Education Is The Nation's Image


    BANDUNG CITY- Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum attended the Submission of Report on Examination Results (LHP) for Performance Inspection of Learning Quality Improvement through Quality Assurance and Curriculum Implementation in Realizing 12 Years of Compulsory Education at the BPK RI Representative Office in West Java, Bandung (Friday) 12/27/19).

    In the event, Uu stated that the Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province continued to accelerate development in the field of education. One of them is by rolling out the Free Monthly Contribution program. The program is valid in 835 SMA / SMK / SLB Negeri in West Java.

    In addition, the West Java Provincial Government also provides Universal Secondary Education Assistance (BPMU) to 4,146 Private High Schools / Vocational Schools / Private Schools and 1,198 Madrasas Aliyah (MA).

    "Education is the image of the nation, if education is good HDI, the economy and other indicators will increase," Uu said. "We focus on the world of education. Including character education, because West Java wants Champion Born Inner," he added.

    The Deputy Chairperson of the West Java Provincial Parliament, Ineu Purwadewi Sundari, stated that education is an investment in the future. Therefore, it will continue to support the efforts of the West Java Provincial Government in advancing the education of the Pasundan Land.

    "We must pursue education, because the vision and mission of the current government is to advance Human Resources," Ineu said.

    Meanwhile, West Java Provincial BPK Representative Arman Syifa said that the LHP examination related to education affairs was a form of support for national priority programs in the field of education.

    "While the purpose of the examination is to assess the effectiveness of local government efforts in improving the quality of learning through quality assurance of education and implementation of the 2013 curriculum in realizing 12-year compulsory education," said Arman.

    In the LHP, according to Arman, his party gave several recommendations to the West Java Provincial Government. First, the proposal to increase the number of supervisors, principals, and teachers, according to the mapping of the GTK field.

    The second recommendation is to budget for a program to strengthen the 2013 curriculum strengthening program for all supervisors, heads of education units, and educators. Then, instruct the Provincial TPMP to be more optimal in conducting coaching, mentoring, mentoring, and supervision of the education unit.

    "This education is part of our responsibility towards the achievement of state objectives. Alhamdulillah, we have carried out the results, and we handed over the results earlier. In principle, we make effective checks on performance," said Arman.

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