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    West Java LLI, Appreciation of Bandung City Government Who Pay Attention to the Elderly


    BANDUNG- Chairman of the West Java Provincial Institute for Elderly (LLI), Nu'man Abdul Hakim said he salutes and highly appreciates the Bandung City Government that gives great attention to the elderly citizens.

    "The city of Bandung has an active role in empowering the elderly, as evidenced by its various activities. It is not surprising that the city of Bandung has won many awards," Nu'man said, during the LLI Regional Conference in Bandung, at the Binangkit Building, Thursday (12/26).

    Nu'man asked, the City and Regency Governments in West Java to be able to emulate the Government of Bandung City related to their attention to the elderly, including the management, to be more active and more empowerment activities.

    "That attention must be a spirit for LLI in Bandung. The management must be able to more actively empower the elderly in Bandung," he said.

    Meanwhile, LLI Chairman of the City of Bandung, Lili Suwarli Abdullah said, his party would continue and synergize LLI's existing programs with the Bandung City Government in the hope that the elderly could continue for a year.

    "We hope that there are legal aspects such as regulations regarding the elderly contained in Law 13 of 1998 concerning Elderly Welfare," he said. (Parno)

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