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    West Java Deputy Governor Inaugurates the Heart in the District of Cianjur


    CIANJUR REGENCY - West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum inaugurated the village suspension bridge in the village of Sukamanah, Kab. Cianjur, Tuesday (12/24/19). The heart of the village connects Pasir Aseupan village with Pasir Leutik.

    According to Uu, the heart of the village which has a length of 30 meters can increase community mobility and accelerate the pace of the economy. Because, the heart of the village is used for access to transport agricultural products, and access to children's schools.

    "We are very concerned about the people in the village. We hope that this bridge will be maintained by the community," Uu said.

    "They do not need a big bridge here, but quite a suspension bridge whose benefits are so great. In the past there was only bamboo used here to cross, but now we have permanent it with stronger and safer materials," he added.

    If there is a village that needs a village heart, said Uu, the village community or village administrator can contact the West Java Province Village Community Empowerment Agency (DPM-Desa). There are two priorities determined by DPM-Desa Jabar, namely school access and economic wheels.

    "If anyone needs a village suspension bridge, please contact us through the DPM-Desa Office. Next year this program will continue so that with this bridge the economy will improve, education will be smooth, and access to two villages will be connected," he said.

    Sukamanah Village resident named Rohaendi claimed to be helped by the existence of a village heart in the neighborhood. Before there was a village heart, the people of Sukamanah Village had to travel a relatively long distance to transport agricultural products.

    "I am happy with the bridge. So, it is easy to go everywhere. Previously it had to be difficult, difficult. Especially if the river water is large," he said.

    Head of West Java DPM-Village, Dedi Supandi, said that in 2019, the party had already built 23 village hearts in several districts in West Java. In Kab. Cianjur, for example, there are 7 villages that have been built.

    "The Heart Village Program will continue to run, including next year, and we will build dozens of bridges in each region, depending on the demands of the community," he said.

    Meanwhile, Plt. Cianjur Regent Herman Suherman hopes that the heart of the village will be expanded because there are many rural communities in need. He also believes the heart of the village can improve the welfare of the village community.

    "Thank you for the assistance for Cianjur Regency, 7 bridges out of 23 bridges. We feel helped by the Heart Village program. Hopefully in the future there will be more bridges because there are still many people who need them," he said.

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