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    West Java Governor Get 'Lalaki Langit Lalanang Jagat' Title


    BANDUNG REGENCY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil got the title of Lalaki Langit Lalanang Jagat from the elders of the indigenous people who are members of the West Java Indigenous Community (BOMA) Line of Nature in Santosa Nature Tourism and Culture, Kab. Bandung, Tuesday (12/24/19).

    A number of traditional community elders, from Kasepuhan Adat Cipta Mulya Sukabumi to Kasepuhan Adipt Ciptagelar Sukabumi, alternately pinned Sundanese iket, Sundanese traditional clothing, and handed kujang to Emil - so Ridwan Kamil is called.

    The title Lalaki Langit Lalanang Jagat itself means brave. The title is addressed to leaders who are just, and able to overshadow all levels of society.

    "Yes, today by West Java BOMA, there is the conferring of a traditional title. The point is the title of leadership to balance outward and inner leadership," Emil said.

    In his remarks, Emil said that the Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province is currently committed to paying attention to the rights of the people to be cultured, traded and maintain cultural history. West Java Provincial Government, he said, would support the preservation of traditional villages.

    In addition, Emil invited elders of indigenous communities in West Java to participate in saving the natural environment of Tanah Pasundan by promoting a program to plant 25 million trees in the North Bandung Region (KBU).

    "January, next month we will do a movement to save the forests of West Java, the program is planting 25 million trees," he said.

    "'Udageuna mulya, nature in West Java kedah hejo deui (the ideals are noble, nature in West Java must be green again)."

    "We are jointly doing the movement to save the environment. I want to be dull (elders) to be in the forefront," he added.

    In the event, Emil also appreciated all those who loved Sundanese culture. One of them is Pencak Silat which is recorded as an intangible world cultural heritage of UNESCO.

    Meanwhile, West Java BOMA Ambassador Eka Santosa stated that the cultural wealth of the Indonesian people became a unifying tool. "Nitip (entrusted) environment, hejo (green) movement, youth, customs and culture," he said.

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