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    West Java Governor Contributed greatly in Youth Development


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil received an award as a dedicated regional head and contributed greatly to youth development in the 2019 KNPI (Indonesian Youth National Committee) Award at Miko Mall, Bandung City, Monday (12/23/19). The award was handed over directly by the Chairman of the West Java KNPI DPD Rio F Wilantala.

    After receiving the award, Emil - as Ridwan Kamil was called - stated that the Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province was working to improve the youth index in Pasundan Land.

    "I am researching why the West Java youth index is still low. In fact, funding and program support is high. Later we will learn so that it can be much better and I will remind the second-level regional heads to continue to support youth because the future is in them," Emil said. .

    Emil also said, the West Java Provincial Government has provided entrepreneurial support and facilities to young people in West Java. One of them is presenting creative centers in a number of districts / cities.

    "Because they are our potential successors, we must invest and they must be better than us in terms of quality and intellectuality," he said.

    "How to take care of young people is easy, just keep busy, such as making films, UKM, business or any arts, but if the youth lacks work, it is dangerous. Then of the nearly 50 million Jabar residents, the majority of whom are youth, let's get busy through positive activities," he added.

    The 2019 KNPI Award assessment team itself consists of academics, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and internal KNPI. Besides Emil, Bandung Mayor, Sukabumi Mayor, Tasikmalaya Mayor, Bandung Regent, and Karawang Regent received awards in the youth sector.

    West Sumatra KNPI DPD Chairman Rio F Wilantala said, Emil had a major role in the development of youth in West Java. He also stated, the current Governor of West Java succeeded in making Pasundan Land a youth-appropriate area.

    "This is an appreciation from us to the stakeholders, especially the Governor who played a major role in youth development in West Java and elaborated on the work program of the KNPI or youth sector in the future," he said.

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