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    Acting Secretary of West Java Local Launched e-Catalog


    BANDUNG CITY - Daily Implementer (Plh.) Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province (West Java) Daud Achmad signed a contract while launching the West Java Local Electronic (e-Catalog) Catalog in West Hall Gedung Sate, Bandung City, Monday (23 / 12/19).

    The signed e-catalog contract covers three commodities, namely security services represented by the President Director of PT. Sentral Wahana Artha Agus Vickram, cleaning services represented by the President Director of PT. Solid Anugerah Jaya Cecilia Fransisca, and Hotmix were represented by the President Director of PT. Hutama Prima Lilik Dharmanto.

    Daud said that the plan to use West Java's Local e-Catalog has been explored since 2018. According to him, in addition to the ease of doing transactions for regional apparatus for routine needs, e-catalog also reduces the tender process and especially encourages aspects of empowerment for local providers so that regional government expenditure (regional government) can also encourage regional economic activities.

    "This is actually a convenience for the government, with this (e-catalog) services to the community (also) can be further improved, including hotmix for roads. If the road wants to be smooth now, you don't need to wait for the tender, just open the local e-catalog, "Daud said.

    Daud added that this local e-catalog encourages service providers who have entered into contracts to prioritize work projects within the West Java Provincial Government. The project price standards are adjusted to the location of the district / city so that it can simplify the regional development process.

    "The condition is that service providers can only work on other projects after West Java's needs are met, so prioritize the needs of jobs in the West Java Provincial Government, so it is called local," Daud said.

    Head of the Goods and Services Procurement Bureau of the West Java Provincial Secretariat Ika Mardiah meanwhile said, the new e-catalog contract covers the three commodities, while food and beverage commodities will follow in the next few days.

    Ika asserted, security and cleaning service commodities are considered to be very urgent so it was decided to be processed first.

    "Especially for security and cleaning services, input to production will be made today at the LPSE in Dago Pakar," Ika said.

    "Why do these two commodities (safety and hygiene) take precedence, because it is very urgent, January 1, 2020 there must be a new janitor and security officer," he added.

    In addition, Ika explained the results of the tender that had been carried out by the Election Working Group on e-Catalog for hotmix commodities, namely from 31 companies that registered there were 23 companies that submitted bids, 18 of which companies were declared to have passed contracts, 7 companies were declared to have passed contracts with improvement records, and 1 company still has to negotiate.

    For security services, there are 100 companies that register. Of these, 27 companies have submitted bids, 19 of which were declared to have passed the contract and 5 companies were declared to have passed the contract with a record of improvement.

    As for cleaning services, the number of participants who registered was 79 companies. Of the 25 companies that have submitted bids, 22 have been declared as having passed the contract, while 3 have been declared as not passing.

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