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    West Java Deputy Governor Pushed Sukabumi Become Ornamental Fish Tourism Destinations


    SUKABUMI - West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum together with Sukabumi Mayor Achmad Fahmi inaugurated the ornamental fish market Sukabumi Raya Ornamental Fish Forum (Fiss Raya) in the Agribusiness Sub Terminal (STA) Bungbulang, Cibeureum, Sukabumi City, Sunday (22/12 / 12 / 19).

    On this occasion, Uu pushed the potential of Sukabumi ornamental fish products to become a tourist destination in West Java. Moreover, Sukabumi is also well-known as a breeder of koi fish.

    "We are working to develop any potential that can become tourism. It turns out that Sukabumi has another potential that is not shared by other regions, namely the potential for ornamental fish tourism, "Uu said in his remarks.

    "Because the atmosphere in West Java is marine tourism, spiritual tourism, including other tours in which there are koi (ornamental fish), so we encourage this to be a success. If there are many tourist successes, if many come, the consequence is that the economy of West Java will spread, "he explained.

    Therefore, Uu asked related parties to prepare authentic data related to the origin of koi fish from Sukabumi. The aim is to strengthen the evidence that Sukabumi is the origin of koi fish.

    "And this is what we must fight for, that the original koi fish from Sukabumi was not from another district or another province," said the Deputy Governor.

    "This is to restore the image of koi fish originating from Sukabumi," he said.

    The Head of Sukabumi City's Food, Agriculture and Fisheries (DKP3) Agency, Kardina Karsoedi, said the potential of ornamental fish in Sukabumi is quite large. However, he continued, his side has problems regarding land for cultivation.

    "(Potential) is quite large, because indeed we do not have land for cultivation of consumption. So, more and more people who were once the perpetrators of fisheries eventually to ornamental fish. The problem is that you can use it at home and don't use large amounts of land, "Kardina said.

    "There are also many products, but we cannot directly sell, usually accommodated in Bandung or in Jakarta," he concluded.

    There are various types of ornamental fish from eight communities in Sukabumi in this market, namely the goldfish, Betta, Predator, Aquascape, Louhan, Discus, Arowana, and Guppy fish communities.

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