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    Governor of West Java Invites the People to Prosper Mosque and Musala


    SUBANG REGENCY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said, there are approximately 100,000 mosques and mushala scattered in 27 districts / cities in West Java. Emil - greeting Ridwan Kamil - also asked the West Java people to prosper mosques and prayer rooms with various activities, such as morning prayer in congregation (Subling).

    "The number of mosques and prayer rooms in West Java is more than 100,000, at most, living just the same as the people. Don't only have a large number, that's why as a Governor I campaign at dawn to congregate around to be prosperous," Emil said when Subling at the Great Mosque of Al- Ikhlas, Kab. Subang, Sunday (12/22/19).

    Emil said, one of the characteristics of the revival of Muslims is the dawn prayer in congregation. That, he said, was revealed by Palestinian clerics.

    Therefore, Emil also asked the village head to the Regent / Mayor in West Java to conduct Subling in his area.

    "Let's enliven the mosque in the dawn prayer, starting from the village head, lurah, Regent of the District, Mayor invites its citizens," said Emil.

    "That's why my vision of West Java Champion Born Inner, so building a bridge is as important as dawn in congregation," he added.

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