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    Deputy Governor Declares West Java Santri Tani Group Champion


    TASIKMALAYA REGENCY - Deputy Governor (Deputy Governor) of West Java (West Java) Uu Ruzhanul Ulum declared the West Java Santri Tani (Santani) group to win in the Miftahul Huda Al Ruzhan Islamic Boarding School, Manonjaya, Tasikmalaya Regency, Saturday (21/12/19).

    The declaration begins with the planting of 700 trees symbolically with tree species such as hard trees and horticultural or productive plants on a 7-hectare plot of land for the initial stage of a total of hundreds of hectares of targeted land.

    Through the Santani Jabar Champion's declaration, Uu hopes it will be a motivation for students throughout West Java to be able to farm.

    "Because it turns out that agriculture for the kiai is very suitable. The kiai to get or fulfill their daily needs from agriculture and fisheries, "said Uu.

    "If trading is possible, but to trade, you must leave the pesantren or become an employee who likes to leave the pesantren, in order to remain silent in the pesantren but to get suitable results or income through agriculture," he said.

    Uu added, the Santani movement was also carried out to encourage the independence of the pesantren from an economic standpoint so that the pesantren could finance its operational needs not only by relying on generous donations.

    Furthermore, the Santani Jabar Champion declaration will be held at various boarding schools in all cities / districts of West Java. "I will implement this (Santani movement) in all (cities / districts) of West Java," Uu said.

    The Santani Jabar Champion is a collaboration program between the Department of Food and Horticulture, West Java Province and the West Java Province Forestry Service. Therefore, the students will be given training and assistance from agricultural and forestry instructors.

    Head of the Testing and Supervision of Agricultural Machinery Equipment Unit of the UPTD Institute for Agricultural Mechanization Development of the Department of Food and Horticulture, West Java Province Agus Guntara meanwhile said, his party had an integrated agricultural concept for the Santani movement.

    "We will mobilize students, do not be baptized (technology stuttering) with agricultural machinery, students do not be baptized with the production of rice seeds like what," said Agus.

    According to Agus, Santani could also be the forerunner to pesantren farming actors. This can be a means to realize a pesantren that is masagi and independent as an acceleration of the vision of West Java Champion Born and Inner.

    "So, I emphasize again the beginning of the embryo of the real agricultural actors from rural and rural areas can not be separated from boarding schools," said Agus.

    "If the pesantren is already happy, God willing, the so-called West Java Champion with champion farmer students, with young champion farmers, the embryo will grow from students," he concluded.

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