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    Regional Promotion Agency (BPMPD) In Collaboration with Development Finance Comptroller (BPKP) Assisting Villages


    BANDUNG-Head of Community Empowerment and Village Government Board (BPMPD) in West Java Province, Drs. H. Dede Rusdia, MAP said, in accordance with the duties and functions, the provincial government has no direct connection with the distribution of village grants from the central government.

    The grant is channeled directly by the ministry to the village cash through regional cash in each district.

    "Our obligation is only to guide the village head to supervised the financial assistance so that absorbed better," said Dede Rusdia, after attending the handover DPPA Environment 2015 in West Java Provincial Government to answer questions from jabarprov.go.id related to village grants, Jumat (23/10).

    In providing guidance to the village head, BPMPD in collaboration with the Financial and Development Comptroller (BPKP) of West Java Province.

    "It is expected that the several technical assistance we provide can improve the village quality in terms of financial management and rural development," he said.

    Dede hopes, the use of village grants in West Java in accordance with the provisions of the laws in force, so that the West Java remains conducive. So that, there is no village who entangled law because of misappropriation the village grants.

    “Insyalah, West Java is conducive, protected from the misuse of village grants. If it turns out there are little mistake, it might be able understandably. But we hope it would goes well,” he said.

    According to Dede, the villagers have to know what’s the village grants were used to and it’s the obligations of the village heads for disseminating to the public. Village grants should be used for physical development in accordance with the needs of society.

    "Preference will be given to the physical development or infrastructure in the village, such as build the rural roads, rural irrigation and physical development of other villages. If the road has built well, the irrigation has built well, and also the other physical development, it will rise the people's economy,” he said.


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