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    West Java Deputy Governor Hand Over Six Mascara and Inaugurate Village Heart


    TASIKMALAYA REGENCY - Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum handed over six units of Mascara (Champion Village Aspiration Car) to Tasikmalaya Regent Ade Sugianto at Tasikmalaya Regent's Office, Kab. Tasikmalaya, Friday (12/20/19).

    The six Mascara units will be distributed to six villages, namely Papayan Village, Karangmekar Village, Citalahab Village, Guranteng Village, Sukanagalih Village, and Cisayong Village. Uu said, the Mascara is a multifunctional vehicle.

    "The Mascara car can be used for the stage, transportation, and transporting the sick," said Uu.

    Uu asked the six villages to be able to make the best use of Mascara. According to him, the Mascara was given to outstanding villages and pilot villages. He also said, the surrender of Mascara became one of the efforts of the Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province to realize the Juara Village.

    "The Mascara car is part of an effort to realize the Champion Village. One of them is through the Village Building Movement program," he said.

    Before handing over the Mascara to the Regent of Tasikmalaya, Uu first inaugurated the Village Hanging Bridge or the Heart of the Village that connects Sukaasih Village with Margajaya Village, Kab. Tasikmalaya.

    The Heart of the Village itself is an innovation of the West Java Provincial Government to improve school access and accelerate the economic cycle of the village community.

    "The village suspension bridge is a breakthrough to improve regional connectivity between villages," he said.

    Head of Sukaasih Umar Mahmudi Village said, the presence of the Heart of the Village in his area would have a positive impact on the accessibility and economy of the community. He added, the people of Sukaasih Village participated in the development process.

    "Without being asked, residents helped voluntarily," he said.

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