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    The Signing of Performance Agreement In OPD West Java Province


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan signed the performance agreement with the head of OPD in West Java Province on Friday (22/4). It’s located in the West Hall of Gedung Sate Bandung. The signing was witnessed by officials from Kemenpan-RB, and Secretary of West Java Province.

    The signing of performance agreements of the head of OPD represented by agencies that have achieved the A ratings, namely: Inspectorate West Java Province, Bappeda West Java Province, Fisheries and Maritime West Java Province, Livestock Department West Java Province, the Agriculture Department of West Java Province and Regional Food Security Agency West Java Province.

    According to the Head of the Secretariat West Java Province, this agreement is intended to improve performance in the West Java Provincial Government so that any funds budgeted results can be accounted for and beneficial to society.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan in his speech stressed the importance of the agreement that has been signed by each head of the OPD. It became the agreements between head of the OPD and as the leader assessment.

    Furthermore, the governor explained that the current budget is performance-based budgeting. Every cent spent must be accountable to the public and more specifically to Allah. Because of the money that we use is the result of the community through taxes, said the Governor.

    Therefore, Governor Heryawan ask the seriousness of the leadership of the OPD, so that anything that has been stated in the DPA was specified back in the determination of its own activities. 

    "Determining the subject of the program, the details of its activities must be in accordance with its outcome. Do not get into the program’s outcome was only meetings or coordination meetings merely,” said the Governor.

    If a program will include socialisation, then the target (number of people) must be clear, the total population of 46 million people in West Java that it requires an understanding of the West Java provincial government programs, such as: Dangers of Drug Abuse Program, Immunisation, etc. 

    Socialisation activities program should reach the number of people a lot and for that must use the media to reach the audience, eg, using the national television media-based or use online media readership in the tens of millions of people.

    Governor asked so that all the OPD in the provincial government can achieve A minimum rating and OPD are obliged to obtain a vote. The Inspectorate and the Planning Agency. "In fact I expect both OPD reach AA rating, and other OPD reached A rating,” he said.

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