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    West Java Governor Proposes Three Solutions to Strengthen Public Services and Equitable Development


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil proposed three solutions to improve public services and equitable development in West Java when he received a working visit to the House of Representatives Commission II at Gedung Sate, Bandung City, Thursday (12/19/19).

    The first solution is the formation of the New Autonomous Region (DOB). With a population of nearly 50 million people, said Emil - greeting Ridwan Kamil, 27 district / city governments cannot provide optimal public services.

    Emil also gave an example of Kab. Bogor, which has a population of approximately 5-6 million, is only led by one regent. Meanwhile, one of the provinces in Indonesia with a population of less than 5 million is led by one governor and 17 district / city governments.

    "There are already many (DOB) ready, if we use the ratio in East Java, there should be 40 regions in West Java. I heard from the center, (DOB) many failed. But, I say the definition of being less successful was outside Java because of SDM (Human Resources), and others. But, in West Java, HR is very ready, "Emil said.

    "We have proved (Kab.) ??Banjar and (Kab.) ??Pangandaran. This is a new DOB that always gets awards. (That) signifies two of our DOBs, whose names are Pangandaran and Banjar, are the face of the success of the regional division. In fact, Pangandaran, I report the lowest unemployment rate in all of West Java. "

    "So option one, we ask that there be a political struggle so that we can serve our people faster," he added.

    If a second-level division cannot be done, a village division can be the next solution. Emil also asked villages in West Java with large areas and large populations to expand.

    "If the second level cannot, please also ask our villages because the distance is large, the population is large, can be divided, so that welfare and services can be closer," he said.

    The last solution is fiscal justice. This relates to the central government budget policy, in which the amount of the Special Allocation Fund (DAK) for the regions is determined by the number of regions, not the population.

    "So, our population is more but the support from our center can be Rp 15 trillion less. So, one person in East Java is paid Rp. 1 million per capita per person by the center, West Java residents only Rp. 600 thousand, "Emil said.

    "If DOB cannot be expanded, please create a financial political justice in which it is not directly proportional to the number of regions, but to the population."

    "So, I think those three hopes can bring significant changes to West Java," he added.

    The House of Representatives Commission II, chaired by Saan Mustofa, will submit the West Java DOB proposal to the central government through the Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs.

    "Later we will submit, because there are so many (DOB proposals). Commission II receives aspirations toward DOB almost every day. But mostly from the east, from West Java itself, no one has ever come in contact with DOB, "said Saan.

    Saan also said, it would discuss with the Ministry of Home Affairs to open a moratorium. In addition, he will encourage DOB to be realized.

    "We will discuss with the Ministry of Home Affairs to open a moratorium, but a limited moratorium. "The opening is limited to areas that are very important and indeed the objective really needs DOB," he said.

    "If the moratorium is agreed to be reopened, then we will talk to enter from West Java, roughly from what was included, which was prioritized for DOB."

    "But we, from Commission II, will try to push as much as possible so that this DOB can be realized," Saan concluded.

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