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    Defending the Country Becomes a Means of Achieving the National Goals


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java (West Java) Governor Ridwan Kamil read the written speech of the President of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) Joko Widodo during the 71st anniversary of the West Java Provincial Level State Defense Day in Gasibu Field, Bandung City, Thursday (19/12 / 19).

    As a ceremony inspector, Emil - as the governor is called - conveyed the president's mandate that defending the country needs to be adjusted to the present conditions of the community as a form of actualization.

    That way, defending the country is not only a tool if the state and the nation faces threats, but can also be a tool to achieve the national goals of the nation.

    "In actualization, defending the country must be adapted to the current conditions faced by the general public, and based on the synergy of all stakeholders, so that great power is realized to achieve great goals as well," Emil said imitating President Joko Widodo's mandate.

    "Defending the country is not only a tool to face potential or actual threats, but also a tool to achieve the national goals of the nation," he added.

    In his mandate, the president also emphasized that Pancasila as the basis of the state, the nation's life view, and the basic values ??of defending the country, is the final vision of the nation and state of Indonesia which has the aim of giving birth to a complete human development.

    According to the president, plenary people not only have high capacity and skills, but plenary humans are God's creatures who can be grateful for the blessings of diversity, able to work together, and ready to face competitive global competition.

    "This is the foundation of the national defense priority for the development of superior HR (Human Resources) directed to the realization of a complete Indonesian human being based on Pancasila," Emil imitated.

    For this reason, in 2018 President Joko Widodo has also instructed the implementation of the National Defense Action Plan in various fields by involving ministries / institutions, local governments, various elements of society throughout Indonesia, as well as members of the media, education, and even the business world.

    It was as a form of appreciation for the state of Indonesian human beings who have a variety of expertise and skills.

    "National defense of the national defense also complements our human resources expertise by practicing the values ??of the defense of the state which includes the love of the motherland, national and state awareness, loyalty and confidence in Pancasila as the state ideology," the president's message, still read by Emil.

    "As well as the initial ability to defend the country and the spirit to realize a sovereign, just and prosperous country," said the mandate read throughout the country.

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