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    Danny: The Woman is Great and Strong in Facing Obstacles


    BANDUNG- The Association of Wredatama of the Republic of Indonesia (PWRI) of West Java, gave appreciation to the West Java PWRI Wredatama Kerta who held the commemoration of the 91st Mother's Day and Mieling of the Birth Day of Dewi Sartika who is an education fighter for Indonesian women.

    The Chairperson of West Java PWRI, Danny Setiawan said, the commemoration of Mother's Day and Mieling Dewi Sartika to commemorate the services and role of mothers in human life, where the country places Mother's Day as a tribute to Indonesian Mother as Mother of Nation. Likewise with Mrs. Rd. Dewi Sartika as a pioneer of education, especially education for women in Indonesia.

    "Dewi Sartika sacrificed her wealth, energy, thoughts and family to realize her ambition to make the" Kautamaan Wanita "school not only in Java but also to other islands in Indonesia," Danny said, during the Mother and Mieling Day event at Dewi Sartika, in Dispusida West Java, Wednesday (12/18).

    According to Danny, the commemoration of Mother's Day which is carried out every year by the West Java Kerta mothers is a manifestation or illustration to prove that in general women are great, strong and resilient in facing all obstacles of life both for themselves, their families and even for society and the state.

    "I give appreciation for the great creativity of mothers, cohesiveness and enthusiasm to give color to PWRI West Java in its work as the only organization for retired civil servants in Indonesia, our home for shelter and work in old age," he said. (Parno)

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